About The Poem – Sadness At Dusk.

This poem needs no contextual explanations.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Dimitry Zub on Unsplash

On Another Note:

     A horrible heatwave is going on around. I went to see a baseball game earlier today. The Brewers won but the heat really got on to me. I felt like I was in Kerala. Speaking of which, daang the whole state of Kerala is in a lockdown situation because of covid. Praying for all the suffering to end as soon a possible.

Little Boss, here is the story of Madhubala. Here life history can be found in this Link. But her connection to fellow actor Dilip Kumar was spoken about with many gossips and rumors. Yes, there were serious issues with her temper but that was not the issue in actor Dilip Kumar leaving her and not marrying her. She couldn’t have any children as she suffered from ventricular septal defect (a hole in her heart). Dilip Kumar later went on to marry Zaira Banu and they never had any children at all. As for Madhubala, when she was bedridden her hope was Dilip Kumar will visit her. Unfortunately, he never visited her and she passed away at the age of 36. It was a tragic life from top to bottom. One of the prettiest ladies ever lived died alone broken-hearted, just because of the choices of other people. Life is not an easy boat to use to cross the time that was given to us. Sometimes what seems unpleasant may be the best of the best in the overall sea of time. I am not a good advocate for my own love. But I live with that reality of my love for you. Think again, as the only person through which the said words can be taken back is me. I will wait with hopes.

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