About The Poem – The Murderer

Read every poem I ever wrote to understand who that little boy was… Then you will understand why I wrote this poem.

Here is the link to the Poem.

Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

On Another Note:
I fasted for a month during Ramadan.. I added 4.5lbs. Then after than in 3 weeks, I lost 16lbs. Very laughable isn’t it? Well, that’s how the whole life is going on. Figure out the rest.

Little Boss, a long time back a Sufi Dervish (Sufism is a mystic form of Islam, and people who follow Sufism are called Dervish) he was going on a journey pretty much in the cause of God. Unfortunately, this Dervish fell in a big well and it will be a big struggle to get out of there. The Dervish said, “Oh, God, I took this journey in your cause and I fell, now you take me out of here as I am not going to try to get out of here at all”. He sat in the dry well and days passed, then it became weeks. After more than forty days, a creature the Dervish have never seen or heard about came around the well and lifted him out, he thought, “Oh, this is probably my end” to his surprise, the creature didn’t hurt him, it left him beside the well and ran away.
I think you got my point.

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