About The Poem – The Defeated Lover.

The Defeated Lover… the name was taken from a real life situation. There is a long long story behind it. I don’t have to repeat what is said again and again. But these days, I have learned to be a better man than the cursing, revenging moron I used to be. The best part was I have forgiven myself. Then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Read the poem you will learn more.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

On Another Note:
The vagueness of life exists in every aspect of living. There are times when unreal gives me more comfort than anything real. Thoughts, ideas, dreams, and many times actions based on all those become the result of an unreal catastrophe. In the middle, I stand and dismiss one by one all those unreal, and then I became an empty canoe in a stormy ocean of love.

Little Boss, read this poem, you are the only one who can understand this poem completely.
Now let me tell you something. In the show Magnificent Century, there is a tough situation when the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman orders the execution of his friend from childhood days, prime minister, and commander of his armies Pargali Ibrahim. Suleiman’s son Mustafa grew up in the hands of Ibrahim, Mustafa a fully grown-up man comes to the Sultan and politely asks his father why would he order the execution of Ibrahim. Sultan Suleiman whom I don’t consider a magnificent Sultan says something very wise… hmmm at least the writers of the show wrote these wise words.. he says “Mustafa, my lion son, Power is a shirt made with fire, if you can wear it with loyalty, it will protect you and destroy your enemies. However, if you get carried away with pride… and lose yourself in desire, then that shirt will burn you to ashes.”. When I heard that, I smiled and the image that came to my mind was you standing in front of me in anger in that mall. I said, “It is love” yes, it is love Little Boss… I modified it appropriately “My darling Little Boss, Love is a cloak made with fire, if you wear it with loyalty, sincerity, and honesty, it will protect you, your heart, and brings happiness that will last many lifetimes here on Earth and hereafter. However, if you get carried away in the pride of youth, age, looks, and desires… you will lose not just yourself, you will lose the world and everything beyond and then that cloak becomes a burning coffin that will burn you alive, again and again… a neverending nightmare.”. I am not saying Love is a nightmare or will become a nightmare, I am saying it is not as easy as you may think. You know what you felt every time you visited my sites for years. I apologize if even with what I just wrote I offended any feelings of yours, that is not my intention but I still may have to say it. I only have prayers for you to be blessed.

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