About The Poem – Inner Eyes Blind

How does one feel when all life is spent on one thought, and seen only one face in everything wonderful and heard only what needs to be heard and all united stands and kaboom all gone when love no longer is yours? Yup, that’s the thought that triggered this poem. The very last line was taken from one of my older poems called “Reading Poems” as is. Enjoy.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Mariah Krafft on Unsplash

On Another Note:
The greatest achievement of life is when one attains a level of freedom from everything and then yearns to bind it all together with love, for love, and by love. It is not easy, but it will happen once in a lifetime and one better be ready at ease to deal with it. Every human has the right to dream and work to fulfill those dreams that’s the fundamental freedom. It is a lifelong event and I am at the beginning of it.

Little Boss, I recently watched the episodes of T.V series in Turkish called Çalıkuşu (means Lovebird spoken as Jalikusu) it is a romantic show about an orphan girl. I have seen the actor who acted in it from another show and this show has better subtitles. In a nutshell, Lovebird and her cousin (Muslims are allowed to marry cousins) are in love from a very younger age they go through many hardships to keep loving and get married. There is a point at which Lovebird declines to say yes to the proposal due to some serious family politics. Right after that the guy, a doctor goes through a spiral of weird acts, He goes and waits near her school dorm, goes and beats up a man who employes her as a private tutor for his daughter, slashes the tires of her bike, etc. Seeing all these I said.. “daang I am a very decent man, I never even went to any of the chain stores my Little Boss worked for months until I was very sure in which store she works, to avoid any confrontation that will make her feel uneasy. I never even mentioned her name in my writings. I was still called a stalker (LMAO)”… in the show, Lovebird still agrees to marry him. Maybe the doctor got six pack abs and value in the society. hehehe, I laid back and sat and said again, “I will never bother her with my love as the flames of my love I will pray to keep eternally.” I took a sigh and continued… “Little Boss is not Lovebird she is my Lady Mac” I laughed and said again “Lady Mac sounds better than Little Boss”.

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