A Blog post about students not interested in going to college

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What’s collegiate about uneducated kids? In today’s world, education is a necessity rather than an option. With so many opportunities available and the potential for success at hand, why would any student choose another path other than pursuing higher studies or vocational training after high school graduation? The answer might be in lack of knowledge about career paths, not having enough resources to support further education goals; either way it is a concern as more number of students today are uninterested in college.

So why don’t these kids see the value and potential for higher learning that their parents didn’t have? In some cases, poverty has limited access to educational opportunities even though children may show an interest or aptitude towards academia; lack of resources such as tutoring, extra curricular activities, field trips makes college seem a distant dream.

In addition ,the social stigma around certain vocations like plumbing and auto mechanics, have made these trades less desirable to aspiring students in earlier generations than today’s; where many of the ‘traditional’ jobs may be scarce or low pay, blue collar work is often overlooked as a viable career path. The future can definitely look brighter for those who choose college but it takes an informed decision making process by kids and their parents in order to make that happen; better awareness of educational opportunities should be made available both at the high school level, through colleges or vocational training centers – with special attention paid towards providing resources so our youth can acquire skills necessary for success.

Ultimately however students need motivation to pursue higher education that comes from within; some may choose college later in their life after gaining more knowledge of the career options available, but this should not be an excuse or acceptance by default towards a non-college track. A better informed student is likely one who will make it further downstream in the educational and job marketplaces so making sure students from across all social circles have access to sufficient information should begin at least before graduation day comes nearer; if only as a contingency plan even, since no prediction or hope of college admission success can be guaranteed – especially when youthful interests may not align with long term career possibilities.

Desperate Russians

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About The Poem – Sadness At Dusk.

This poem needs no contextual explanations.

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On Another Note:

     A horrible heatwave is going on around. I went to see a baseball game earlier today. The Brewers won but the heat really got on to me. I felt like I was in Kerala. Speaking of which, daang the whole state of Kerala is in a lockdown situation because of covid. Praying for all the suffering to end as soon a possible.

Little Boss, here is the story of Madhubala. Here life history can be found in this Link. But her connection to fellow actor Dilip Kumar was spoken about with many gossips and rumors. Yes, there were serious issues with her temper but that was not the issue in actor Dilip Kumar leaving her and not marrying her. She couldn’t have any children as she suffered from ventricular septal defect (a hole in her heart). Dilip Kumar later went on to marry Zaira Banu and they never had any children at all. As for Madhubala, when she was bedridden her hope was Dilip Kumar will visit her. Unfortunately, he never visited her and she passed away at the age of 36. It was a tragic life from top to bottom. One of the prettiest ladies ever lived died alone broken-hearted, just because of the choices of other people. Life is not an easy boat to use to cross the time that was given to us. Sometimes what seems unpleasant may be the best of the best in the overall sea of time. I am not a good advocate for my own love. But I live with that reality of my love for you. Think again, as the only person through which the said words can be taken back is me. I will wait with hopes.