About The Poem – Mahidevran – Legend Of A Beauty.

The first installment of the poem Mahidevran – Legend Of A Beauty. I only touched water here with this one. But this will tell you what is to come. I am going to go far and wide in every possible way to bring this person who lived nearly 500 years ago.

This Poem And The Poems To Come Are All Dedicated To Mahidevran Hatun. The Mother of Shehzade Mustafa.

Here is the link to the Poem.

On Another Note:
Whew.. what a life? My life is an amazing piece of information I myself love to speak about. You have no idea what I have gone through. Disgraced, imprisoned, belittled, sidelined, abandoned, betrayed, aaaah, fate tried all up his sleeves to break me. My faith in Allah protects me and I will not wither my faith so nothing can break me.
Little Boss, don’t step outside of the realm of my forgiveness.

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