About The Poem – Drowning Dreams.

This poem basically is about the inability of a lover who lost his lover to get rid of all the dreams during the time of love. I gave the reality of the situation in the poem itself as it is not a very long poem one should get it or try to read it out loud and see if one can understand this better.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Konstantin Kopachinsky on Unsplash

On Another Note:
Crazy times bring insanity… but I am totally sane. After more than half a year of delays when I was about to start my store, my right-hand man fell badly ill. He is okay but still can’t do much work. So every setup to get the store started was done by my own hand. I started it. I am going to hold on to the comments there. So now you know the reason why poetry went into the back burner. A burner that always burns.
Little Boss… Oh boy, I should not be asking you this question again and again. What is it you want to know from my posts and poems? I know you come to my site. The frequency increased a bit after you got engaged. I think a long time back I said it doesn’t serve anyone any purpose if you remain mute. But I won’t say no don’t come to my site. You are always free to visit my site. If you want to really talk to me before you get married. Find this in the intersection of Capitol and Appleton. I will be there to answer.

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