The Lover You Love.

I will take a welcome back… aha a break was needed from myself. I am now slowly getting back to my normal, even though lot more things should fall into place to feel that normal fully.

As for the poem, it was written from a fragment I wrote for an Instagram post. It is pretty much self-explanatory.

Writing fragments of poems has an issue with me. The unfinished part or untouched part will remain in me and at some point, I have to write it down and burn it or expand the fragment into a full poem. This is one of the expansions.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Ilias Chebbi on Unsplash

Personally speaking, a lot of rest and pretty much nothing else. There are certain things I am not going to reveal yet. Now I have to tell about “Magnificient Century” I wish everything about that series was fictitious, unfortunately nope. There are fictitious characters and events in that series but my reading these days is mostly about the Empires. Greek, Rome, Ottoman, British, etc. Which of course took me to some fantastic events in the past. Then I stumbled upon Kosem Sultan which led me to see an interesting name I saw “Mahidevran”. Now I am writing my on fiction around that character. Kosem Sultan and Mahidevran were real people who lived centuries ago. In it all there is a point at which I said with a lot of touchy emotions.. what the hell were they all thinking? I wish I were able to talk to them… however I don’t know if I will even meet Kosem Sultan even in after life for what she had done in her life after the death of her husband. As for Mahidevran I may stand up in respect to anyone with that name as the life of her was just that much amazing.

Little Boss, I told you I will never get bored. I can never get bored and even when I was reading and watching the lives of people centuries ago and laughed, felt sad, and enjoyed every bit of life in the best possible way I can with the means given to me by Allah, I still with every breathe prayed for you, your well-being and happiness. May Allah Smile Upon You Always.

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