The Dance Of Evil

Tragedy Of Brutality

The Israelites and Palestinians have been fighting for thousands of years and now that fight is happening with utmost brutality right when people like us who love peace, prosperity, and equality for all.
How it all started is something we all know. How the latest round of violence started is a mystery for many as they totally ignored the step-by-step approach of evil. Yes, I said it right, evil, pure, unadulterated evil. I am not blaming one side for allowing evil to dance through them. Palestinians were ethnically cleansed, raped, tortured, murdered, and put into an open-air prison called Gaza by Israelis in the name of their security. This was happening in this era. People like me were shouting but in the hyper-celebration of stupidity our voices were drowned and the boisterous laughs of the devil echoed all around the horizon. It is not just me, even many celebrities were tarnished and were called anti-semitic by the media for speaking for Palestinians. Now, criticizing Israel has nothing to do with anti-semitism at all. Just because anti-semitic people out there criticize Israel doesn’t mean all who criticize Israel are anti-semitic. One should know, that all Arabs are Semites too. I have no problem with Jews or Judaism. My problem is with people who are killing.
Let us look at the other side, after years of oppression, yes, a group of violent Palestinians went on a rampage and killed hundreds of civilians. In no way can anyone accept this behavior. No matter what oppression one has gone through, it is not an excuse to become the hands of evil.
Right now more than 3600 children have been killed in massive bombing and ground forces attack by Israel in Palestine, instead of stopping this in the first place. The Biden administration has resorted to historical stupidity and pledged all support to the extremist regime in Israel. No one with any common sense will allow this level of brutality against any creation on Earth. I will urge everyone out there not to vote for Biden or any of his supporters. I will not vote in the next election at all.
What can be the solution to this catastrophe? Two states, an independent Palestine with the 1967 borders and an Independent Israel. The slogan of ‘sea to river’ or the other way around will not work for both Palestinians and Israelis. We have to intervene and make this happen. Work with other Arab nations and of course Iran to make this happen. Or we are going to see evil dancing again and again upon the graves of innocence.

Watch This Video You Understand The Terrible Brutality of This War.

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