Happy Easter

I say that to people who believe in Easter. There is always that question that comes from people when they hear that I studied in a Catholic School, I was born and raised in a place filled with Christians. I moved to America where Christianity is the majority religion. Why do I still follow Islam? I never said I don’t believe in the Isa Alayhissallam the Son Of Mary. I have gone through many works of literature, watched 100s of videos, and documentaries, and heard debates… There is that belief in me that said… Jesus never existed in the way Christians believe. If I sit down and spent a considerable amount of time I will be able to bring out the documents and information about this. However, I watched a documentary that says exactly what I’ve known for many decades. Watch these documentaries in full before throwing curse words at me.

Ceasar’s Messiah

Pagan Christ


Understand this… there is information that is still out there that may lead us to the real man whom we in Islam call Isa (Alayihissalaam(May Allah Bless Him)) son of Mary. Or it may be hidden for divine reasons which I don’t know. The truth is between darkness and light. What is hailed as a religion is a mirage.

I still say Happy Easter… away from all the religious acts, this day is still a celebration. It doesn’t matter, of what. Happy Easter to you all.

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