Coming Back To Myself

When you close your eyes and you see more than what you see in real, then you know the so-called real is part of a bigger illusion that blinds us. But the moment one closes the eyes one will see a reality which we all call fantasy. After nearly 54 years of life, I can say, that the world indeed is a wonderful blessing from Allah. You may call God by another name but I can only speak about my belief and I will not thrust my belief upon others. Despite all the darkness, nastiness, cruelty, betrayal, and evil that goes around, I see and understand, all that we see is an illusion given to us as a blessing. It is an absolute submission to the will of Allah, and constant evasiveness from the devil during the passage of us through this magnificent illusion. I may scribble a lot which is nothing compared to the time that was given to me. The ones who at some point in time who all may benefit from all these will one day smile. That day maybe today, or centuries later. One smile, just that one smile, will bring me back to myself. That’s the reality.

Photo by Ali Pazani on Unsplash

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