About The Poem – The Wedding Gown.

The idea of this poem popped up in my head after I heard about a wedding and I wrote the first four lines in late springtime. I left the idea in my mind to evolve and step by step I came to finish this poem without cursing anyone including myself. This is about someone making some bad decisions in their life in choosing their life partner. She decided to cover all her feelings with worldly dreams than follow the truth of her heart.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by mulugeta wolde on Unsplash

On Another Note:
Life goes through cycles and the best part of it all is the unpredictability of what cycle is coming at you. I have always analyzed events and looked into the past to see how things will unfold with new faces and new places. This time, everything is new and that tells me there are faces and places I should leave behind and move on. After all, how much life remains is yet another unknown, I may even live for another 150 years… who knows. For the time being, I am just relaxing watching some fantastic Turkish Dramas, and selling Vapes and Smokes.


I watched this entire series. I started watching this series because I have seen the actors in it in other series. Devrim Ozkan is an amazing actress whom I have seen in the series Vetanim Sensin as Hawa. The very first time she was shown was among a crowd and I said, “The lady got a star appeal” and she sure is a star. Kadir Dogulu is the lead actor whom I have seen in Kosem Sultan. This series has some mystical touch with the game Satranc-i Urefa. This series is worth watching for anyone as it speaks a lot about life events. Great acting, a fantastic plot, and wonderful bits of advice about life in general. This site has a lot of popups so having a good popup blocker will help a lot and of course, the subtitles are in English. In the coming days I will give more Dramas I watched all through summer.

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