About The Poem – The Unseen Island.

After spending all night with some wicked computer programs I thought I need to get some sleep and took my phone to set the alarm… There I saw an old phrase I wrote in my WhatsApp … The title of the poem. That was a good start. This is a poem about the long-lost soul trying to grab onto whatever one can get a grip on and survive the onslaught of the wicked world.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Lance Reis on Unsplash

On Another Note:
Ramadan will start on Wednesday. And in about a week from then, I will take a break to stay with my brother and his wife in Kansas. Unless something big happens, I will stay there through the end of Ramadan. Some people say life is crazy and we blew up most of our opportunities. They all forget the element of God in all these things. I remember reading this.
Once Moosa Alaihisslaam(Moses) had some serious stomach pain and he prayed to Allah to help him. Allah told him to go and find a particular herb and consume it. The pain went away. After some time Moosa Alaihissalam had the same kinda pain and he went and took the herb. This time the pain doubled and then he prayed to Allah again this time with a complaint too. He asked, “Oh’, Allah the same herb is now giving me double the pain”. Allah said “Oh Moosa, last time you asked me so my blessing was on the herb so it healed you. This time you didn’t ask me you went directly to the herb. The herb in itself has no healing power. When you took that herb by my command, actually it is me who healed you”.
Take a lesson from that. There is nothing that can happen anywhere in the universe without the knowledge and permission of Allah. And Allah always finds an Earthly reason for his actions. Many of my readers who are not Muslims may call Allah different names but God is the truth, the absolute power. Keep that in mind.

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