About The Poem – The Unseen Face

While browsing through multitudes of images of faces, I found a picture of a girl walking with only her back view. I first thought, what will her face look like? I almost clicked the photographer’s link to see if there were more pictures of her. But a thought came to my mind, nope, I don’t want to see her face, the face that comes to mind is good enough. That thought triggered this poem.


Here is the Link to the Poem.

On Another Note:
I going to focus more on posting here on this site than on social media. They all suck big time. There is no freedom of expression anywhere. Most of the snowflakes and cancel culture folks have gone out of control. But I have to admit, it was a fun and fantastic journey through it all I met some fantastic people through social media. But looks like it is time for me to retire to my own sites than lurk around a world that doesn’t want me. I will be here, speaking my mind and my opinions on my site. You can read it all, just read, I expect no feedback, but keep in mind, I love you all.

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