About The Poem – The Meditator.

“The Meditator” is a poem that captures the essence of the life of a meditator. The poem describes the moments of life as silent and wandering, where we touch the lights of the glowworms that guide us and feel the senses of our dreams from the imaginations we have painted. It talks about leaving a prayer at the shallow graves of unfulfilled dreams, a poignant reminder of the fleeting nature of life.

In the darkness, the meditator finds peaceful meanings as they stand across the blazing realities. They ignore the bows of realities with strings filled with worldly pleasures, and the arrows no meditator cares about. The meditator is not swayed by the lures of the material world and chooses to focus on their inner peace.

The arrival of spring signifies the birth of new beginnings, melting winter frost, and bringing new life. The meditator experiences the world around them with a fresh perspective and feels nothing but hears Spring’s naughty giggles. The poem beautifully captures the little disruptions that the meditator enjoys, despite the evil machinations of the unbelievers who have lost all worlds in imaginary sciences.

Every step of the meditator’s journey is an experience in itself. Nature, time, and space dissolve into the meditator as they journey beyond the five senses. They feel life beyond life and prepare for another century of life that fate has written for them.

The poem “The Meditator” captures the essence of the life of a meditator. It highlights the importance of inner peace and how it can help one navigate through the challenges of life. The poem is a beautiful reminder of the need to focus on the present moment and embrace life with an open heart and mind.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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