About The Poem – The Girl With The Braided Hair.

This is a poem written about an amazingly beautiful girl called Katya from St.Petersburg, Russia. Working with her was not that easy, she doesn’t know English very well, so our communication was erratic. I didn’t ask her to sit with me and chat with me for a long time. I asked her to go around St.Petersburg and take selfies. She came back with some stunning pictures. They were not selfies. It was a professional photographer who took those pictures. I looked at one of those pictures and wrote this poem. Unfortunately, the photographer and Katya didn’t agree with me in using the picture with the poem. So I needed to use another picture.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Photo by Abbat on Unsplash

On Another Note:
Life is a journey that is intricately woven into the fabric of time and space. As we move forward, our actions and thoughts leave an imprint on the vast expanse of our existence. Sometimes, these imprints are pleasant and enriching, but other times they can be burdensome and overwhelming. However, as we navigate through the twists and turns of life, it is important to remember that we can always find sweetness even in the most challenging moments.
Over the past year, many of us have experienced events that were unpleasant, difficult, and trying. From personal struggles to global crises, there were times when it felt like the weight of the world was bearing down on us. But despite these challenges, we persevered, we adapted, and we found ways to carry on.
For those of us who have lived for several decades, such as myself, we know that this is not the first time we have faced adversity. We have experienced loss, heartbreak, and disappointment, and yet, we have learned to find sweetness in what was given from a burdened event. We have learned that even when life feels like a heavy weight pressing down on us, we can find joy and happiness if we choose to look for it.
One way to find sweetness in difficult moments is to focus on the lessons that we can learn from them. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to grow and evolve, to become stronger and more resilient. When we face adversity, we can choose to let it defeat us, or we can use it as a catalyst for positive change.
Another way to find sweetness in difficult moments is to connect with others. We all need support and encouragement, especially during challenging times. By reaching out to friends, family, or even strangers, we can find comfort, inspiration, and hope. In turn, we can also offer support and kindness to others who may be struggling.
Ultimately, life is a journey that is filled with both joy and sorrow. The burdens of our actions and thoughts will bend space and time itself, but it is up to us to choose how we respond to those burdens. We can let them defeat us, or we can find sweetness even in the most challenging moments. By focusing on the lessons we can learn and by connecting with others, we can find joy, happiness, and meaning in our journey through life.

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