About The Poem – The Girl Who Outshined Twilight

This poem as the picture may tell you was written looking at the picture mostly. I have had great communication with this model throughout the composition time. The model thanked me for the poem and so kindly allowed me to use the image. There is a video also which she had shown me online but I do not have a copy of it as she didn’t give me permission to use that video.
This is like painting looking at a model. But I went a little deeper than a painter will do. Not just take the feeling of the model, but what I felt inside of me when looking at the image.

Here is the Link to the Poem.

Marina Regina

On Another Note:
I am a gentle giant. I love patience and I also love my little arrogant moments. There is this one person I am finding every way to forgive even though she doesn’t deserve any forgiveness. That’s the struggle. Life is not a monster we make it monstrous.
Not a lot going on … check my other posts to see what my viewpoints are.

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