About The Poem – Love Filled Winter Days.

This is a poem I wrote with the thought of how people become kind and gentle when they are in love. Most of life we live with many hardships and unstable environments around us. In all honesty, one can let go of these things, if one thinks and act more kindly toward others. I needed to bring some real romantic touches to the poem. So I used three different models to write this. None of them agreed to use their images.

Here is the link to the Poem.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

On Another Note:
It is better to come to a grinding halt at times. Yeah, I love that. Life will throw all sorts of tantrums at you when you try that. People will protest, cry, get terribly angry, and at times they may even act violently at you. They are all influenced by the devil more than anything else. Life must be lived to smile in pleasantness not scream out loud in ecstasy. At the end of the day when you get in bed leave all your thoughts and sleep. Love thy neighbor was an old law. Love yourself better than anyone else is the hardest part.

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