1964: ARTHUR C CLARKE predicts the future

A Must watch video for present-day folks to watch. In 1964, Arthur Clarke made a prediction about what the future would look like. He had listed down all the technological advancements that he thought would exist in the present day and what all things humanity would achieve down the road. However, his failure was in predicting how cruel humanity could become. Only religious prophets had made such predictions, and surprisingly, they all had come true.
However, what Arthur Clarke failed to see was the dark side of humanity. He didn’t take into account how we would use technology to harm each other, how we would become more intolerant of each other’s beliefs, and how we would become less tolerant of each other’s differences.
Religious prophets, on the other hand, had predicted all of this. They had warned us of the consequences of our actions, the impact of our decisions, and the importance of compassion and kindness towards each other. They had foreseen the rise of extremism and the increase in natural disasters, and all of it had come true.
It’s important to recognize that we are capable of both good and bad, and it’s up to us to choose which path we want to take. We must use technology for the betterment of humanity, not for our own selfish gains. We must learn to respect each other’s beliefs, cultures, and differences and work towards building a more tolerant and peaceful world.
In conclusion, Arthur Clarke from 1964 may have been right about some things, but he had failed to see the bigger picture. It’s essential to acknowledge the warnings of our religious prophets and work towards creating a better future for ourselves and the generations to come. Let’s strive towards a world where technology is used for good, and humanity is at the forefront of all our decision-making processes.

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